We get it: you need funds fast to pay your bills while your lawsuit gets resolved. The process to receive a lawsuit advance is simple and fast. Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit an application.

    We need your and your attorney’s contact information and the details of your case.

  2. We review your case.

    We review all of the information you’ve provided, and we might reach out to collect additional details. Once we have a handle on your case, we will either approve your funding request, offer a different amount, or disapprove the request.

  3. We offer you a pre-settlement advance.

    The amount we are willing to offer is a percentage of the estimated value of your final settlement.

  4. Once your case settles, we collect a portion of your settlement.

    Assuming you win your case, settlement funds will go toward your attorney fees. The court will then authorize payment of any letter of protection items (such as child support orders, alimony, deficiencies, or credit card liens). Finally, Resolution Funding receives reimbursement of the lawsuit advance that you accepted. After that, you receive the balance of your award.

The process for post-settlement funding is very similar. We will advance you money up front and purchase part of your settlement proceeds. Once you receive your lawsuit settlement money, we receive part of those funds.


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