Founded in 2012, Resolution Funding is a leading settlement funding company. We’re a proud member of the American Legal Finance Association, which upholds standards and promotes best practices for companies that provide non-recourse legal funding to personal injury victims who have filed lawsuits. Resolution Funding offers the lowest fees in the industry. We also provide funding fast—because we believe that plaintiffs shouldn’t be the ones to suffer due to delays in the lawsuit process.

A little more about us

Managing Partner Alex Carballo founded Resolution Funding Group in 2012 to help plaintiffs struggling to meet their financial needs after an accident. The management team of Resolution Funding has worked in the financial services industry throughout New York City since 1976 and noticed many clients were seeking loans or advances against their pending lawsuits. After extensive research, the company’s founding team noticed that many lawsuit advance companies charged very high fees that clients often did not fully understand. Realizing that there was room for a better, more transparent solution, Alex and his team started Resolution Funding. The company is committed to offering industry-leading low rates, detailed fee disclosures, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and simple-to-understand contracts. These competitive advantages help clients financially and also give them the peace of mind to focus on their recovery. Our goal is to help those involved in lawsuits find a successful resolution to their claims.