If you’ve been in an automobile accident or are the victim in a medical malpractice, dog bite, or other case, we know the challenges you’re facing. Most likely, you pursued a personal injury lawsuit in hopes of recovering the losses incurred from expensive medical bills and lost job income, but the sad reality is that personal injury cases aren’t always resolved quickly. If your case goes to trial or if the party you’re suing files an appeal, this could delay any settlement by months or years. And even if you win your case and are awarded a lump sum or structured settlement, you might not see any funds for a while.

This is where a lawsuit advance company comes in. Here at Resolution Funding, we offer two types of: pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding. As implied by the name, they mean different things:

Pre-settlement funding is for those who are in the middle of an injury case. This is sometimes referred to as a “lawsuit loan” or a “lawsuit advance.”

Post-settlement funding is for those who have won or settled their case but have not received any payment.

Get on with Life - Receive Settlement Funding

The one thing that both types of funding have is common is that they help people who need financial assistance. If you’re just getting familiar with our industry or have questions, here are five reasons to consider working with us to receive a cash advance:

1. We can help you quickly.

Once we review your case, we can fund your lawsuit advance in as little as 24-48 hours. If you’ve lost your job due to missed work as a result of your injury, you’re probably struggling to make ends meet. We can get you the funds you need fast.

2. It’s NOT a loan that you must pay back.

Both types of funding that we offer are considered non-recourse funds. This means you don’t have to pay back the money if your case does not win. Even if your case loses, that risk is ours, not yours. We purchase part of your lawsuit settlement and offer you a lump sum in between the time your case settles and funds are disbursed.

3. It buys you time to wait for a good settlement.

Lawsuits can be lengthy and if you are the victim in an injury case, you don’t want to accept an unfair settlement just because you’re desperate to receive any settlement. A lawsuit advance can buy you the time your attorney needs to negotiate with the defendant so that you receive the award you deserve—not the one that is offered the fastest. That also might mean going to trial if necessary, which can take even more time.

4. Because you need to pay the bills.

Let’s face it: lawsuits can go on for months or years. Your lawyer might be in the middle of negotiations with an insurance company or other entity, and in the meantime, you’re out of work and the bills are piling up. If you have rent, a mortgage, medical bills, and other bills to pay, a lawsuit advance can give you the relief to resume your day-to-day life and responsibilities.

5. A settlement funding company doesn’t get involved in your case.

If you’re worried about the idea of lawsuit lending because you don’t want anyone else involved in your case other than you and your attorney, you can put those concerns to rest. Ethical companies adhere to the American Legal Finance Association standards. Our role is restricted to issuing you a lawsuit advance (or not if your case doesn’t qualify). Everything you tell us is completely confidential, and we do not get involved in your case in any way.

We understand the stress that accompanies a personal injury lawsuit and we’re here to help. Call us to learn more: 855-529-2382. If you’re ready to take the next step, complete our simple application and we’ll be in touch right away.