If you’ve done any amount of research on companies offering lawsuit settlement loans, you probably know by now that many of these firms sound quite similar. There are a lot of consumer legal funding companies out there providing victims of accidents the money they need to pay their bills and live their lives while they await resolution in legal cases, but they’re certainly not all the same.

We feel confident in saying that Resolution Funding is different than the rest. First, we take great pride in our commitment to ethics and doing right by our clients. That’s our family motto and it guides our daily actions. Litigation funding is a relatively new area of finance, after all. We want clients to understand a bit more about who we are and why we founded this company.

Our managing partner grew up in the family finance business.

Alex Carballo has worked in licensed financial services in the New York metro area for 12 years. He learned a great deal from his father, who ran a check cashing company that Alex and his brother took over after college. That experience shaped the foundation for Resolution Funding. Above all, our commitment to clients is built around giving clients financial relief in a time of crisis—and making the process easy on them.

We’re a family-owned business.

The Carballo family owns Resolution Funding, and Alex Carballo is very likely the person you’ll reach on the phone when you call our office. Alex’s wife is a personal injury attorney who works with clients every day who have been injured in auto (and other types of) accidents that cause them serious injuries and monetary losses. In her work, she saw many plaintiffs in financial crisis entering into litigation financing agreements with companies charging egregious fees. Alex researched the industry and found that many lawsuit financing firms out there are backed by hedge funds. Resolution Funding is self-financed—we answer only to ourselves. This allows us to lower our rates to be one of the most competitively priced firms out there.

We are committed to offering the lowest rates in the industry.

The legal funding industry has earned a reputation for exploiting plaintiffs who are desperate for help: injured persons who are unable to work as much as they had prior to their accident and are struggling to pay their medical and other bills. From the beginning, Resolution Funding has strived to create win-win scenarios for clients and ourselves. A serious accident can ruin someone’s life. Our goal is to offer clients the financial cushion they need to get back on their feet—and to do this ethically. Therefore, we charge some of the lowest fees in the industry. We charge a one-time (yes, one-time) document review fee of $250 that is paid after a case settles—not before. Then, we charge a 2.99% compounded monthly interest rate. Clients don’t accrue interest until they receive funds. That’s it. No hidden language, no confusing payoff schedules.

We move very quickly.

When the bills are piling up, it’s a scary time. If you’re reaching out to us for help, it’s likely you need that help sooner than later. The Resolution Funding advantage is that you will deal directly with management throughout your entire experience with us. The very same people who own and run the company are the ones who pick up the phone. Because you’re dealing directly with decision-makers and we are a small company, we move fast. In most cases, we are able to fund lawsuit advances in little as 24-48 hours via check or debit card.

Resolution Funding is proud to offer industry-leading low rates, detailed fee disclosures, easy-to-understand, transparent contracts, and the best customer service to clients. We know that this isn’t an easy time in your life. We’re here to help you find a successful resolution to your claim.

Want to learn more about how this process works? Give us a call at 855-LAW-ADVANCE. We look forward to answering your questions and helping give you peace of mind.