If you’ve been in a car accident and you’re pursuing legal action against the other driver, one of the first things your lawyer will want to look at is your automobile insurance policy. You may be eligible for an insurance claim for your accident injuries, but there are a number of things that could impact […]

Many people who are awarded a lawsuit settlement will be excited that they will receive a lot of money. This excitement often turns into disappointment when they find out that all they can get is a structured settlement. What is a structured settlement? A structured settlement is when a person receives their settlement over time in […]

What is the difference between structured settlements and lump sum payments? If you’ve been through a long legal battle and were recently awarded a structured settlement, you might feel a sense of relief. However, it’s important to understand the difference between a structured settlement and a lump sum. A structured settlement is an annuity that […]

Did you know that slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and the leading cause of occupational injury for people aged 55 and older? Or that falls are the number one cause of accidental injury in the United States, resulting in 21% of all emergency room visits? Or that total injuries […]

If you’re considering getting pre-settlement or post-settlement litigation funding for the first time, a topic you’ve likely pondered is the longevity and history of the industry. Unlike traditional financing, lawsuit funding hasn’t been around for all that long. Pre-settlement funding was officially established around 1997. People involved in lawsuits awaiting settlements needed somewhere to turn […]

If you’ve done your research and know what settlement funding company you’d like to work with, you probably want to understand the process and how it works. Here is a simplified, step-by-step list of what to expect from beginning to end: Application Any settlement funding company will first have you submit an application that has […]

A topic of conversation that comes up often with clients and prospects of Resolution Funding is whether lawsuit funding, especially pre-settlement funding, is legal or fair to the person receiving it. It’s a fair question and we understand why people ask. The reality is that our industry has received a lot of negative press regarding […]

An automobile or other accident could turn your whole life upside down—and wreak havoc on your finances. If you become injured and are unable to work, the medical bills start piling up, not to mention any other regular bills like your rent or mortgage. Even if you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit, you might be […]

If you’re in the middle of a lawsuit and need cash, private sources of money are one option available to you—but they’re not necessarily a great option. Money lent in these circumstances is considered “hard money” because this money is quite restrictive. It is actually easier to get the money once the approval is made, […]