In general, Resolution Funding and other firms like us tend to work with clients who have personal injury lawsuits in progress. The most common of those cases involve automobile accidents, but there are many other types of cases in which plaintiffs seek damages for personal injuries. Here are a few types you may have heard of (most definitions sourced from the helpful website,

Automobile accidents

As mentioned, car accidents are the reason for many personal injury cases. Generally, cases arise because one driver disobeys laws or drives carelessly and causes an accident (that caused injuries and/or financial damage). The law does get complex in states where there are “no fault” laws that mean drivers must collect from their own insurance companies unless there were serious injuries.

Slip and fall cases

Slip and fall cases arise when a person becomes injured on the property of someone who failed to maintain the property properly. A property owner’s legal duties vary depending on the situation and the state’s law, but slip and fall injury claims might arise when someone becomes injured due to a hazardous property (due to careless caretaking on the part of the property owner) or a sidewalk or similar space that became hazardous due to the owner’s neglect.

Dog bites

Just as the name implies, dog bite cases arise when people’s dogs cause injuries to other people. The dog owners are responsible, though the laws vary in each state. In some states, dog owners are held responsible even if the dog has never shown aggression, while in others, there is a “one bite” rule.

Construction site accidents

Construction sites are dangerous, and one person’s negligence can lead to accidents for both workers (think crane, scaffold, forklift, electrical, and ladder accidents) and pedestrians passing by.


This type of personal injury case is different than most in that the injuries are caused by a person intentionally harming or injuring another. There is usually a criminal aspect to these cases—for example, one person attacking another and facing criminal charges as well as a personal injury charge in civil court.

Medical malpractice

These types of claims arise when health care professionals do not provide competent and reasonably skilled care and a patient suffers an injury as a result. Medical malpractice cases are highly complex.

Wrongful death

This type of lawsuit arises when someone suffers death due to the misconduct or negligence of another. This might be due to a drunk driving accident, for example. Every state’s laws are different, and a lawsuit is typically brought by the personal representative of the person who has died.

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