Picture this: You’re in the middle of a lawsuit, you’re not sure when it will settle (and how much, if anything, you’ll win in your settlement), and in the meantime, all kinds of bills are piling up. Perhaps you’ve been forced to take off a lot of time from work because of your injuries, or worse, you’ve lost your job altogether.

It’s a stressful situation that we understand well. And when you have a mortgage or rent to pay, it’s even more difficult. To keep your life on track, you need cash fast—and one of the best options available to you is pre-settlement funding.

But what exactly does pre-settlement funding mean? In simple terms, pre-settlement funding is a cash advance. This type of funding does not require a credit check or a lengthy qualification process like a traditional loan. Resolution Funding can advance you money based on the details of your case. Funds are allocated based on our estimate of the future value of your settlement. By assessing the strength of your case and whether or not you’ll be able to meet the burden of proof, Resolution Funding can provide proper valuation of this future amount. In essence, the pre-settlement advance you receive is our investment in the value of your potential settlement.

Let’s be clear: pre-settlement funding is NOT the same thing as a loan.

It is designed to provide funds to a plaintiff before any proceedings are resolved in court. These funds will help you keep your financial life on track and give you peace of mind throughout the duration of the lawsuit.

Pre-settlement funding is intended to be a temporary solution. Resolution Funding only advances the smallest amount of money you need to meet your financial obligations to ensure we’re not overfunding. We receive repayment out of your settlement, and the risk is entirely ours. We will not seek repayment from you should your case not reach a successful outcome in court. Our fee is a flat, monthly compounded interest rate calculated until the conclusion of your case.

If you have questions about pre-settlement funding and what it means, call us. We’ll explain the process of acquiring pre-settlement funding and how we determine how much to advance you. If you have other questions, we can address those as well. Call us today to learn more: 855-LAW-ADVANCE.